Sunday, July 19, 2009

27 Turns!

My sister is turning again.
19 is the day she turns every year.
she has turned since 82.
what's 9 - 82?

My sister is turning again.
Though it comes is no surprise,
her spin prooves new everytime
What a blessing it is
that she continues to turn.

Her favorite turning used to be all night long.
with giggles and laughter among turns of a different number than mine...
now, which I get to enjoy with her as well,
she turns over a meal of a delicious matter

Over the years, her eyes have grown wide
turning has produced the wise
She loves, encourages, mops and maintains
but most importantly, knows the one who never strays.

I love my sister who is turning yet again.
Thanks God for sisses who continue to turn.
My prayer would be that
her eyes are open, her heart soft, her mind deep and spirit reflective
as she turns again.

Happy Birthday sis!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

getting inside the walls...

So Eric's parents came another year to visit AND helped us on the house. Great folks! Believe it or not but they wanted to help. Okay, it's hard work guys.
Here's a step back view...

One of the best decisions we have ever made on this house while working on it...
A plastic sheet dividing the work area from the non-work area...

Gary. Nice smile!
This thing kept most of the dust inside the work area. We should have done this on the other rooms too. Although, this room/project produced the most dust.
The old semi-finished existing kitchen counter with sink served as a nice work bench for the moment.
Gary fixed the work lights. Thanks Gary! That makes a huge difference in seeing what we're working on. :)

old wall showing where the old paint was and the old cabinets were...
new can lights... chose to move one of the cans to a different place
You can see on the floor the old green linoleum kitchen flooring underneath the newer tan colored stick on vinyl tiles.
The new organized area for tools while working on the kitchen... (this used to be the living room).

Look at all this dust! So glad for the plastic sheet.

Wow so much dust!

While Eric's at work, the father works too. Thanks for wearing a mask.

Trying to look through the plastic sheet. Grandma, with her recent going of her sight probably sees as well as this. wish there was a cure or treatment for macular degeneration.

I like the shadows in these pictures.

Electrical has been run... lights over the sink have been installed...
there's a plan of action on the window on post-it notes...

Monday, July 13, 2009

So here's where we left off last. We just installed the garage door and now we need to close up the ceiling in the kitchen. This is looking at the new door from inside the garage.
new ducting for an added kitchen heating/AC vent; they are gluing the metal tube together...

This is the coolest contraption ever!! It is way too hard to lift sheet rock above your head even if you have one other person. Only $20 a day for the sheetrock lifter... well, worth the money.

old lowered duct vent
the sheetrock lifter in action...

some of the ones who helped that day... Thanks guys!!!

new duct and vent in place

Look at that ceiling... they even installed can lights too
all in one day! Amazing!